Sunday, March 15, 2009

Firing up the stove!

Welcome to "Nights around the table"! This is my blog on my favourite 

A little about me...

I am a foodie deep down, its my passion and drive in life to have good food. I love to cook, share with friends and most importantly, eat. It's only natural that I have come to blog about the one thing that means so much to me... Food!

My Grandmother is my inspiration, and I owe her whatever I become. It was her drive to cook with fresh ingredients, to cater and host great meals, every meal, that really inspired me to do the same. Weather it was a lazy summer day or a cold winter day, there was something made with love and care on the table. And like any good Quebecois dinner, the table was full of chatter...

Growing up in Toronto there was a void of good family dinners. The busy parents bustling about their days and everyone in a rush to finish their meals to see the new episode of Murphy Brown or Seinfeld, we missed out on the simple pleasures of dinner... sharing a meal cooked with love, and great talks. 

My Grandmother who I at a young age named Mama, and my Grandfather who I named Pops really left me wanting more. It has always seemed they had a secret to living a happy life, and it always came down to food, friends and family. 

Of late I met someone who lets me be me and has encouraged me to explore the depths of my culinary joys. She introduced me to blogging and sharing my creations and thoughts with others, giving me a venue to share my passion with others and to learn from others with a similar passion. I cook a lot for her, she cooks for me, and we cook together, but most important we have Nights around the table.  BTW she is the food photographer!

So Enjoy, and share that's what this is all about!



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  1. I look forward to more posts:) Love you, see you next weekend.


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