Monday, April 6, 2009

Meeting the Parents!

So I did it! I finally met Melissa's parents.

The smart girlfriend I have, thought it would be best to limit the stress of meeting her parents by putting me in my comfort zone. Well that worked perfect for I got to dazle them with my mouth watering dishes. I hooked them in with an appy and finished them off with a delicious dessert. I really ran the gambit of emotions trying ever so hard to impress them, but in the end the food did all the hard work.

Well since this is primarily a food blog why don't I stop the yammer and get to the juicy (ever so tasty) details, you are no doubt waiting for...

I started the evening with a hit I came up with to impress my girlfriend the first time I cooked dinner for her, bagel lox crustinis. They are a little bite of awesome!

You will need:

3 - day old bagels

1/8 cup olive oil

150gm Pacific smoked sockeye salmon

1/3 cup creamcheese (room temp.)

1/2 tbsp. fresh dill (finely chopped)

1 (sm) clove of garlic pur├ęd (or 1/4 tsp)

1/2 lemon

15 pieces of Juliened cucumber (or tiny sprig of dill)

15 pieces of slivered red onion

15 sm capers

Preheat the oven to 400 f and cut the bagels on a diagonal from top centre (where the whole is) to the edge, the first one won't be big enough but then you should get 3 or 4 useable slices. Turn the bagel and repeat. Put olive oil in a small bowl, and using a pastry brush, brush the tops of the bagel slices with oil. Lay out the slices on a foil lined cookie sheet, and toast in the oven for approx 10 min or until light golden brown, then let cool to room temperature.

In the meantime blend the cream cheese, garlic, and dill together. Prepare the lemon wedges, onions and cucumbers for garnish.

Once bagels are cooled, spread on the cream cheese. Roll the salmon to the size of the bagel slices and put on top of cream cheese. Then top with lemon, red onion, cucumber (or dill) and caper. Plate and enjoy!

The Main deal was a great pasta with sausage and tomato sauce. That was all finished with a rocking raisin biscuit topped with vanilla ice cream and honey roasted berries.

Overall the dinner was over the top, but I was trying to impress (and I think I might have just done that) ;)

Until the next time, Bon Appetit!

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