Monday, October 18, 2010

Roasted Rainbow Trout

I went to the grocery store without a list which sometimes can be fun, it opens me up to get inspired. In this case I saw fresh whole rainbow trout and a light went off suddenly I remembered reading about stuffing a fish with thyme, garlic and lemon in my new read "Kitchen Confidential" -Anthony Bourdain. I couldn't wait to get home from the grocery store to cook it. The simplicity of this makes it that much better. I definitely will be doing this one again, and trying different fish! I tried it with cranberries inside, but didn't help or hurt.

Roasted Rainbow Trout:

1 whole rainbow trout approx. 2 lbs gutted and cleaned
4 sprigs of thyme
1 clove of garlic sliced
2 or 3 slices lemon
kosher salt and pepper

Heat the oven to 400 degrees F. Line a baking sheet with foil. Rub the inside of the fish with Kosher salt and pepper, then spread garlic slices evenly in cavity of the fish, along with thyme and lemon slices. Place the fish on the foil lined tray and and bake for about 25 mins or until golden and cooked throughout. Allow to cool a couple minutes, then serve whole, with rice and a vegetable and you have a healthy family dinner.

It is a really simple meal that can be cooked on a weekday and if you were to parboil some chopped carrots for about 5 minutes, you would be able to roast them at the same time as the fish is cooking.

Bon App├ętit!

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