Monday, January 3, 2011

Phew Made it out alive...

The Holidays are now behind us, and frankly as much as I like the Christmas season, I am happy to go back to a normal pace and pack away Christmas just like the retailers have already done. The last month was a fun whirlwind of gingerbread, tourtieres, pasta, holiday meals, company and a ton of additional cooking. I loved it, but now time to relax a little, and eat a bit lighter for a while.

Now what I didn't get around to was updating those who are following my kitchen Hi jinx. I neglegted to keep the blog up to date while I was busy cooking up a storm, so over the next week I will be adding a few posts to catch up.

Things to come over the next week (not nessesarily in order):

Gingerbread men, trees, and decorating.
Homemade pasta
Tortellinis with crab and goat cheese filling
New Griddle and the breakfast test.

Look out for these posts coming soon, or check me out on foodista


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